El joc de les matemàtiques
Imma Palahí Write a message to Imma Palahí
Collaboration: Aram López , Eugènia Palahí , Nil López Write a message to Nil López and Pau, Jan Guillem, Ma Jesús i Maria
Voice: Enric J. López Write a message to Enric J. López , Jan Llorens , Mar Horta and Marta Torvisco
Escola Brasil
Set of more than 300 activities for the area of mathematics at kindergarten created by Imma Palahí. The activities are also available on the web www.immapalahi.cat .


Level 1 :

  • Wrong object: an object in the picture should not be there.
  • Basics concepts: colours, shapes and volume.
  • To where: there is a different figure.
  • Roads: you have to do a path to find an object.
  • Series: You have to continue it
Level 2:

  • Sort: tidy up the room picking up objects.
  • Opposites: paint different concepts.
  • Part of all: look for the missing portion of the picture .
  • Mazes: follow the maze to find the object you want.
  • Necklaces: just complete the necklaces.


Level 1 :

  • Temporary stories: sort the pictures according to the sequences.
  • Hidden picture: click on the blackboard and get a picture.
  • Colours: order as the original boxes.
  • Cross-tabulation: relate the shape and colour in her house.
  • Mirror: looking body parts. Exercise of laterality.
  • What we do: what we do at school and at home?

Level 2:

  • Temporary Stories: sort the photos.
  • Mini Sudoku: put the pictures on the grids.
  • Construction: paint the shapes.
  • Venn diagram: look at the labels and locate the figures.
  • Weather: meals, seasons, seasonal clothing, popular festivals celebrated at the school.
  • School: do different jobs: reading and writing, science, library, dining... Identify the images.


Level 1:

  • Numbers from 1 to 5: match items with their quantity.
  • Drawing with numbers: track the numbers and you will get the picture.
  • Hands and dices: count the points of the dice and match it with the fingers.
  • Where there are numbers? Numbers are everywhere. Find them and write them down.
  • Lyrics: listen and learn the songs of the numbers while you search for Pipi bunny.
  • Adds: listen the problem and do the additions.

Level 2:

  • Sort: Sorts the room picking up objects.
  • Opposites: paint different concepts.
  • Part of all: look for the portion of the picture missing.
  • Labyrinth: Follow the labyrinth to find the object you want.
  • Necklaces and more: just complete the necklaces.
Topic Mathematics
Level Kindergarten (3-6)
Date 02/05/11
License Licensed under a
Creative Commons license

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