China: arte y costumbres
Noelia Hernández Manzanares Write a message to Noelia Hernández Manzanares
SES de Masquefa
Masquefa (Anoia)
Project of activities about reading comprehension about the Chinese civilization. The 36 activities are grouped into three thematic parts:
  • Arts and culture
  • Mythology and legends
  • Life and gastronomy
Photographs by Noelia Hernandez Manzanares
Photographs of the free image bank Dreamstime.
Textual fragments: Edward Shaugnessy "Ancient China: life, mythology and art."
Textual fragments "Treasures of China" John Chinnery ed. Blume.
Fragments from "China" visual Country Guide Aguilar.
Fragments of eJournal China Today
Topics Social sciences, Languages
Level Secondary school (12-16)
Date 12/04/12
License Licensed under a
Creative Commons license

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