2013 Centenari Joana Raspall
Imma Palahí Write a message to Imma Palahí and Tona Castell Escuer Write a message to Tona Castell Escuer
Collaboration: Jaume Aguadé López Write a message to Jaume Aguadé López and Txus Panzano Gasca Write a message to Txus Panzano Gasca
Voice: Enric J. López Write a message to Enric J. López , Laia Sánchez Segarra Write a message to Laia Sánchez Segarra and Nil López Write a message to Nil López
Project of activities about the Catalan poetess Joanna Raspall. The project has three different parts:
  • Biography
  • Poems
  • Comprehension
Topics Social sciences, Languages, Miscellaneous
Levels Kindergarten (3-6), Primary school (6-12)
Date 17/05/13
License Licensed under a
Creative Commons license

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