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Blanes (Selva)
From an image full of words written in different colors, with horizontal orientation, vertical or inclined and with different types of sources, each activity is asked to click on a word and look it.

This package is designed for students who are at an initial level of reading and reading practice in a playful way, as they take it as a game.

For students who have a particular difficulty to improve reading or are stagnant, highly motivating activities such as reading a practical purpose.

Tip: Sometimes you get discouraged if you are looking for a long time and do not find the word. It helps motivate them to continue working to give students a clue such as: is on the left or right or top or bottom of the screen, the floor is sloping or vertical or horizontal, and the word is written in red or blue ...

Topic Languages
Level Primary school (6-12)
Date 07/07/16
License Licensed under a
Creative Commons license

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