The Creation of Educational Activities using JClic

JClic is an environment for the creation, realization and evaluation of multimedia educational activities, developed on the Java platform.It is a free software application based on open standards which functions within different operating environments: Linux, Mac OS X, Windows y Solaris.

The final objective of this course is to show the possibilities and functionality of the different modules which make up JClic, so that educators can create applications which are both didactic and interactive in order to work on procedures for practically all areas of the school curriculum from kindergarten up to the end of secondary education.

The objectives are:

  • To learn about the JClic environment.
  • To create different types of activities using JClic author.
  • To integrate multimedia resources of different formats into activities.
  • Programme sequences from organized activities in projects.
  • Publish the materials created by JClic on the Web.



The course lasts for 42 hours which are divided into 6 hours per module and 12 hours for making the project.The modules are:

  • Module 1: JClic y JClic Author.General aspects.
  • Module 2: Creation of activities I.
  • Module 3: Creation of activities II.
  • Module 4: Creation of activities III.
  • Module 5: Sequencing activities, installation and publication.

The modules have the following structure:

  • A series of documents which explains the content of each module. It is important to read them before going on to the practice session.
  • A group of practice sessions which are explained step by step. It is important to do them in the recommended order as often materials created in previous sessions can be taken advantage of.
  • A set of exercises which you must do and send to your course tutor so that your progress can be checked.

Finally you must make a project which you must also send to your tutor in order to obtain a positive evaluation of the course.

To be able to do this course, some basic knowledge and skills are necessary in one or two of the environments where JClic works: Windows, Linux, Solaris o Mac OS X. i.e. you should know how to create a file, cut and paste, install programmes, surf the Net, send emails etc.


Technical Requirements

The materials for this course have been designed to work with JClic (Player and Author) and can be seen with the search engines Mozilla and Internet Explorer (version 4 and superior) with the options Javascript y Cookies activated.

Icons and Elements for Browsing
The icons used are:

Practice sessions. Work which the pupils have to do following the guided proposals. The sessions are personal and do not have to be sent to the course tutor.


Attention. This icon indicates suggestions, comments and ideas complementary to the documents and practice session in each module.

The surfing tools are :


Allows you to enter into any module or practice session.


Shows you the actual practice session where you are working.


Allows you to return to the previous level.


Allows you to enter the exercises of the active module.


Allows you to return to the beginning of the page.

Allows you to access the course guide.

Allows you to download files.

Allows you to print a document.