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Creative Commons licenses

The Creative Commons project promotes the diffusion of all type of creations (audiovisual, writing, music, interactive, educational material...) under a set of models of licenses that allow their use, reproduction and transmission and guaranteeing some specific rights to the authors (recognition of authorship, integrity of the work...).

some rights reservedAs opposed to "all rights reserved", Creative Commons suggests using "Some rights reserved" to indicate that a specific work can be freely redistributed under some conditions.

To give a Creative Commons license to your creation you will have to decide three things:

  • If you want your name displayed in any copy of the work (recognition of authorship)
  • If you allow or not commercial use of your work
  • If you allow other people to adapt or modify the work

The licenses can be in tune with other clauses and arrangements. For example, there is a model of the CC license that allows the free redistribution of the works only in developing countries, reserving the commercial use for the rest of the world.

The CC licenses in the clicZone

Our proposal to all authors of activities published in the clicZone is to share them under a Creative Commons license of type Attribution - Noncommercial - Share alike. This means that the use and distribution of the materials are allowed, but the authorship of the activities will always have to be recognized; adaptations and translations of the work are allowed; the commercial use without a license from the authors is not allowed; and any derived work (adaptations or translations) can only be distributed under an identical license.

This is the license that appears by default in all the packages of activities sent to the clicZone. If you are the author of activities and want your work to appear under a different license model please write to us.


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