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Course of creation of educational activities with Clic 3.0

The "course of creation of multimedia educational materials with Clic 3.0" is a self-learning online course that was included in the in-service teacher training framework of the Generalitat de Catalunya. Now it has been replaced by another course of similar characteristics, based on the JClic platform.

Although the course is no longer being offered as a training activity, we maintain it in the clicZone because we think that it is still good reference material.

The complete course consists of 3 introductory modules on multimedia, image and digital sound, and 4 specific modules about the basic functions of Clic with practice and exercises.

The course materials are presented in two formats:

  • A tree of web pages that can be directly accessed on the Internet.
  • A Word document with the same contents of the web pages, that makes easy to print the content of the course.

An installation programme is also available for downloading. This programme allows  all the images, sounds, videos and other materials used in the practical exercises of the course to be copied into the PC.

The Word document and the installer of the web pages can be downloaded in the course entry page.

The course is published in the ClicZone in English, Spanish and Catalan, and has been also translated to Basque by Ion Rey Bakaikoa, professor of the B.H.I. ITURRAMA (Iruña).


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