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JClic TagReplace

TagReplace is a new experimental module of automatic generation of contents that links the texts of the activities to files or external datasources.

This tool can be very useful when we make an activity which we plan to translate ino different languages on when we want to crate a project with similar activitites where only the content of the cells varies (that is, keeping the layout of the activity and changing the external file where the contents lies saving it with a different name).

Preparing the external file is very simple, we only need the Notepad (Windows) or any other program that allows you to save in text mode (for example Gedit in Linux). The text editors like Writer of OpenOffice also allow to save files in text format.

This file will consist of a list that associates each generic item with a content or a specific item. The activity that we will carry out as an example will be very simple, the association of three famous composers with his birh place.

In files saved with Windows Notepad the coding UTF-8 has to be specified, so that in case there are special characters, these are correctly seen in the activity.

The following step will be to prepare the JClic activity. In this case we will create a simple association of three boxes in each panel.
In the Options tab, in the section Content generator, we display the Automatic content generator and select TagReplace.

By clicking on the Settings... button we choose the tags that we want, the file with the data and the coding of this file. In the case of .txt files the coding is UTF-8.

The last step is going to the boxes of the activity and to describe the items. They have to be written among the same tags that we have described in the configuration of the generator.

Once the creation of the activity is finished we check how it looks by clicking on the button to previsualize how the activity runs .

The result has to be similar to that of the image. If we try to solve the activity, this has to work correctly.


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