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Courses and tutorials on JClic

Curs D73 The Creation of Educational Activities using JClic

Telematic course of 60 hours integrated into the In-service Teacher Training Plan of the Ministry of Education of Catalonia. The teachers registered to the course have the advice of one tutor.

The complete course consists of 3 introductory modules on multimedia, image and digital sound, and 5 specific modules about JClic and JClic Author.

The course is available in English, German, Spanish and Catalan.

Curs D73 Leitfaden zu JClic

Education Highway (Innovationcenter for School and New Technology, Linz) has created a JClic guide in German language for JClic beginners. It explains the creation of JClic activities and the most important features and functions in order to get started with JClic.

Handbuch_JClic.pdf (1518 Kb)

Introducción a JClic Manual para uso do JClic

The Portal Educacional do Estado do Paraná has created this JClic guide in Portuguese of Brasil language.

guia_JClic_br.pdf (7524 Kb)

Introducción a JClic Introducción a JClic (Averroes)

The Red Telemática Educativa de Andalucía (Averroes) has developed a very interesting tutorial on JClic, with interactive Flash animations that explain step by step how to make each operation.

This course is available only in Spanish.

Curs D73 Guia del JClic

Jaume Bartrolí has created this PDF document based on the course The Creation of Educational Activities using JClic about JClic Author and JClic Player. This documentation is only available in Catalan.

guia_JClic.pdf (1518 Kb)

Curs D73 Guía de referencia rápida

The association Ibn Firnás - Observatorio Astronómico de La Rinconada has created this "Guía de referencia rápida" about the creation of educational activities using JClic. This document is only available in Spanish.

JClic_referencia.pdf (567 Kb)

Un passeig pel JClic Un passeig pel JClic

Pere Cornellà, professor of the IES de Celrà (Catalonia), has created a set of activities that are used for discovering the main characteristics of JClic: Operation of the different modules, elements of the screen, types of activities, etc.

By now, the activities are available only in Catalan.

Videotutoriales de Clic y JClic Videotutoriales de Clic y JClic

Domingo Méndez, teacher of Jaime Balmes School in Cieza (Murcia), has a section with some videotutorials about creating activities with Clic and JClic. It is required a broadband connection to view them.

Curs D73 Aan de slag met JClic

The Regionaal Expertisenetwerk (REN) , belonging to the Flemish Ministry of Education, hosts different activities related to Clic and JClic. This document, created by Gino Vanherweghe, contains an introduction to the different modules of JClic, and a guide about how to create educational applications with JClic Author.

cursus_JClic_gino.pdf (2798 Kb)

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