The Creation of Educational Activities using JClic
Final Project

To complete the course you must make up a final JClic project. It can be done on any theme but must have the following characteristics :

  • It has to be your own creation and not an adaption of a pre-existing packet.
  • It must be of specific didatical use for one of the curricular subjects in primary or secondary.
  • It must contain at least two activities from each of the basic modules in JClic: puzzles, association games, memory, word searches and text activities. It may also contain a crossword.
  • The first activity must be an information screen where the title of the project and the name of the author/s appear.
  • The activities must combine with some type of multimedia resource: image, digital sound, video or animations.
  • The images can be your own, from Internet, from a CD-ROM or scanned but if you would like your project published on the clicZone, the content must be free from copywrite.
  • In the menu Project you must have:
    • Personal information of the author/s, the title, the subject and the educational level for which the project has been made.
    • A brief description of content and structure.