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JClic development project

JClic is free software, distributed under the terms of the GNU Public License (GPL).

The JClic development project is currently hosted at GitHub.com. The project is open to all who want to take part in it. Volunteers will be needed for translating JClic to other languages, elaboration of documents, manuals and user guides, creation of visual environments (skins), design of graphic elements (buttons, icons...), development of new modules of JClic (new types of activities, content generators, report systems...), tracking of errors and source code maintenance and local diffusion and support groups. You are welcome to the project!

We advise you to make the interventions in English whenever possible, because the development community has members from different countries. Despite of this, interventions in other languages are also welcome.

The translation of JClic into different languages takes place in the portal Launchpad.net. It's very easy to participate: just register in Launchpad, login into the translation project and start translating the original JClic messages from English into any of the ISO-639 languages.


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