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How to collaborate with the library of activities

The library of activities in the clicZone grows every day thanks to the collaboration of the educators that send us their work. If you have created a package of activities or a JClic project and want to include it in the library, please send it to: clic@xtec.cat

For convenience please  send all the materials compressed into ZIP format , and  include this information in the message:

  • Title of the project
  • Educational level and curricular area to which it is addressed
  • Name of the author/s, e-mail address, institution and postal address
  • A description of the content of the activities, to be included on the web page
  • The license of use that you want to apply to your work. The recommended option is the Creative Commons license of type Attribution - Noncommercial - Share alike. This is the standard for all the work in the clicZone. If you want to apply another type of license please write it in the message.

If the ZIP file is bigger than 10MB please upoload it to a cloud repostory like Dropbox or GoogleDrive, or upload it to a web server and write to us indicating how to download it. This is because our mail server does not accept messages that surpass this size.

The graphics, texts and sounds used in the activities must be freely distributable or have the authorization of the owner of the copyright. In any case, if you use materials from third persons you have to mention it in the description.

Many thanks for your participation!

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