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What is Clic 3.0?

Clic 3.0 is an application for Windows 3.1 (and higher) that allows you to do different types of activities: associations, puzzles, text exercises, crosswords...

The activities are usually  grouped together in packages. To use a package of activities you need to install the programme Clic 3.0.

The activities of the clicZone have one or more installers, useful for copying them to the hard disk.

The steps to follow in order to install a package of Clic activities are:

  • If you not yet have done it , install the Clic 3.0 programme. Download the file corresponding to your language and execute it.
  • The next step will be to download the file (or the files) necessary to install the activities. In many cases it is only one file, which takes the extension ".exe", but in the biggest packages it is usual that more additional files, with the extensions .w02, .w03, etc., have to be downloaded. It is important to download all these files to the same folder in your computer. If you do not know where to store them, leave them on the desktop.
  • When the downloading has finished, go to the folder where you have put the files and double click on the first of them. The installation programme will start.
  • When this process finishes, check that in Start - Programs - Clic a new icon, corresponding to the package that you have just installed, has been created.
  • You can already erase the files that you have used to install the packet: you will not need them more.
  • If later on you want to uninstall one of the packages of activities, use the Start - Programs - Clic - Uninstall Clic applications icon.

Consult the FAQ if you have any problems during the downloading or the installation of the package of activities.

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