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Downloading and installation of Clic 3.0

All versions of Clic 3.0 work in Windows 3.1 or higher (95, 98, Me, 2000 and XP). JClic is a more recent version of the programme, made with the Java platform.

Clic 3.0 is not compatible with Windows Vista neither with Windows 7, with these OS you need to install JClic.

The distribution of the programme is free for educational and not commercial uses.

The installer copies the Clic programne into the hard disk, among with the ClicDB utility (management of the reports database), ClicPac (compressor/ de-compressor of packages), the help files and a package of example activities.

There is also a user manual for Clic, in PDF format.

Clic 3.0 is available in seven languages:

Catalan | Spanish | Basque | Galician | English | French | German

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Version 3.0 in Catalan

Departament d'Educació
Version edited by the Educational Telematic Network (XTEC) of the Department of Education of the Government of Catalonia.

clic30ct.exe (installer, 2.121 Kb)
clic30ct.pdf (manual, 248 Kb)

Version 3.0 in Spanish

The version 1.0 of Clic was edited by the Programa de Nuevas Tecnologías de la Información y la Comunicación (PNTIC) of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Spanish Government and awarded first prize for educational programmes in 1992.

clic30es.exe (installer, 2.105 Kb)
clic30es.pdf (manual, 262 Kb)

Version 3.0 in Basque

Translated thanks to the collaboration of Lan taldeak euskaratua "Informatika aztertzen sakonduz": Mikel Aoiz, Fultxo Crespo, Mikel Fernández, Mikelatxo Flores, Manu Ibero, Iosu Jiménez, Patxi Moreno, Joselu Ornat, Fermín Tarazona and Joserra Uriarte.

clic30eu.exe (installer, 2.209 Kb)

Version 3.0 in Galician

Translated thanks to the collaboration of Emiliano Orizales and the "Lapis de cores" project of galego21.org. This organization holds also a web space called O recuncho do Clic with information, documentation and packages of activities in Galician language.

clic30ga.exe (installer, 2.107 Kb)
clic30ga.pdf (manual, 253 Kb)

Version 3.0 in English


Translated thanks to the participation of the XTEC in the European project Teleregions.

clic30en.exe (installer, 2.054 Kb)
clic30en.pdf (manual, 247 Kb)

Version 3.0 in French


Version 3.0 translated into French thanks to the participation of ERASME (Conseil General du Rhône) in the European project Teleregions.

clic30fr.exe (installer, 2.212 Kb)
clic30fr.pdf (manual, 259 Kb)

Version 3.0 in German

Education highway oberösterreich

Version 3.0 in German translated thanks to the participation of Eduhi (Education highway) in the European project Teleregions.

clic30de.exe (installer, 2.292 Kb)
clic30de.pdf (manual, 257 Kb)

Generalitat de Catalunya - Departament d'Educació Xarxa Telemàtica Educativa de Catalunya