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Characteristics of Clic 3.0

Clic 3.0 is a free distribution program for the development of multimedia educational activities.

It allows the creation of different types of activities: puzzles, associations, scrambled letters, crosswords, identification activities, exploration, written answers, text activities and others.

The activities can contain text, graphics, sounds and other multimedia resources. It is also possible to chain groups of activities in packages in order to execute them in sequence. The programme can register the results of the activities in a database.

Clic 3.0 works in Windows, version 3.1 or higher, and is available in seven languages: Catalan, Spanish, Basque, Galician, French, English and German. JClic is a more recent version of the programme and fully compatible with the activities created with Clic 3.0.

The installer of the programme, which can be freely downloaded from the clicZone, copies  the necessary files to your computer to run Clic 3.0, as well as a package of demonstration activities and the utilities ClicPac (to compress and to decompress packages of activities) and ClicDB (to manage the database for the results of the activities).

You can also download two optional complements: MKInst, the generator of installers of activities, and the runtime module ClicRT, that allows  Clic packages of activities to be converted into executable files.

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