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Downloading and installation of JClic

JClic is a Java application distributed through the WebStart technology. The first time you click on the links of this page the programme files are downloaded, and will remain installed in the computer. From there, the programmes can be launched either from the Java WebStart control panel or through the icons created on the desktop and in the start menu. The Internet connection is only necessary the first time the applications are activated.

The programs should be started automatically when doing click in the links of this page. If not, probably the Java system of your computer needs to be updated.

Starting off the JClic with Java WebStart

It is the main programme, used for doing the activities. It allows you to create and organize your own library of projects, and to choose between different graphic environments and operating options.

Starting off the JClic author with Java WebStart

JClic author
This tool allows you to create and modify JClic projects, in a very intuitive and visual environment. The activities can be embedded in a web page, or integrated into a library of projects in order to be used by JClic. The tool also offers the possibility of converting packages of activities made with Clic 3.0 into the new JClic format.

Install demo activities

Demonstration activities
The best way of discovering the possibilities of JClic and learning how to create new applications is to see the demonstration activities and to examine them. This button will take you to a page from which you will be able to download and integrate them into your library of projects.

Launch JClic reports with Java WebStart

JClic reports
This module allows the  management of a database in which the results obtained by the students when carrying out the activities of the JClic projects are compiled. The programme works in a network and offers the possibility of generating statistical reports of the results.

It's important to read the installation guide before first use.

Sorry! by now, this guide is only available in Spanish, Catalan and German (thanks to Eduhi). We are working in the English version.


One of the advantages of the WebStart system is to have the programs automatically updated as corrections and improvements are released, without having to download it manually. If you prefer not to use this system, or if you need to do a manual installation (for example, in computers that do not have Internet connection), there is also the possibility of downloading an executable installer (for Windows systems) or a ZIP file in which you will find the files and the installation instructions (for Linux, Mac and Solaris):


Windows installer:
jclic- (3.2 MB - 23 Oct 2022)


NEW: You can now install JClic from Flathub, the app store compatible with all GNU/linux distributions.

WARNING: JClic packages in Debian and Ubuntu are very old and do not work properly! It is recommended to use the official JClic repository or Flathub for best results.

LinuxMac OS XSolaris

This ZIP file is intended only for manual installation in systems that don't include JClic packages:
jclic- (3.2 MB - 23 Oct 2022)


Shortcuts for the applications in the desktop and in the start menu can be created by Java WebStart. The visual aspect of these shortcuts can be improved replacing their original icons by one of the images included in this files:

WindowsLinuxSolaris   jclic-icons.zip (77 Kb - 12 Jan 2005)
  .ico and .png formats
Mac OS X   jclic-aqua-icons.sit (248 Kb - 12 Jan 2005)
  icons for Mac OS X

Also available in:

GitHub Download on Flathub launchpad.net softpedia

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