Logo de Quaderns Virtuals
Note! On Friday night April 5th will be a downtime of the data processing center of the Department of Education due to hardware maintenance. The shutdown will occur after 10pm and affect all network services Telematic Education of Catalonia. The restoration of services is scheduled for Saturday April 6th from 11pm..

Quaderns Virtuals (QV) is a digital learning tool that is born and developed in the Ministry of Education of the Government of Catalonia with the intention of bringing traditional exercises workbooks to the net. The project consists of a set of free software applications that help teachers from any area and level to create didactic multimedia resources which will allow them to evaluate their students progress

The main sections of the Web are:

  • Quaderns Virtuals
    The project consists of different web applications (editor, visualizer, web generator ...) developed in the JAVA programming language. They require Internet connection and work on different operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac OS and Solaris).
  • Library of activities
    The Library is a resource in constant development and it tries to lodge notebooks created by educators who want to share their work. From this section you can consult a notebook database and to know how you can collaborate with this project.
  • Documents
    All kinds of documentation about Quaderns Virtuals: reviews, learning tools, trainings...
  • Support
    In this section you will find the most frequent questions (FAQ's) about Quaderns Virtuals and its applications, and the mailbox to contact us to clarify those doubts not solved in the FAQ's section.
  • Community
    A space to set up a community for teachers and institutions interested in the project. This section provides quick access to the new features and news about Quaderns Virtuals as well as links related to the project.