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Click in the Teleregions European project

Teleregions was a European Initiative of Interregional Telematics Applications, participated by Baden Württemberg, Catalunya, Lombardia, North of England, Rhône Alpes and Upper Austria.

An agreement has been achieved in the interregional educational sector group of Teleregions SUN2 project, about the interest of CLIC being experimented in other regions, promoting the translation and interchange of activities

The entities that collaborated in the project were:

Generalitat of CatalunyaCatalonia:
XTEC - Departament d'Educació


EduHiUpper Austria:
Education Highway
Innovationszentrum für Schule und Neue Technologie GmbH

The produced materials were:

  • Translation of the program and the documentation of Clic to English, French and German. All these versions can be downloaded from the clicZone, together with the existing versions in Spanish, Basque and Galician.
  • Translation of some packages of activities to French and to German, which are available in the webs of Erasme and Education Highway.
  • Preparation of new packages of activities in different languages.
  • Translation to English of the course of creation of Clic activities.

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Generalitat de Catalunya - Departament d'Educació Xarxa Telemàtica Educativa de Catalunya