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what is it? Short guide about what  JClic is and how to use its main components.
characteristics Information on JClic: main goals, how it is made, what it does, which formats of data it uses...
downloading and installation The installation of JClic is very simple with Java WebStart. Check it!
screenshots Samples of the different components of JClic working in Mac OS X, Linux and Windows.
courses and tutorials Courses and other materials to learn to create educational activities with JClic, and to make use of all its possibilities.
development Access to the pages of the JClic development and translation project
FAQ The most Frequently Asked Questions on JClic.

JClic is a platform for the creation, playing and evaluation of multimedia educational activities, developed in the Java platform.

It's a multi-platform, free software project, based on open standards. It works in Linux, Mac OS X, Windows and Solaris.

In this section you will find more information on its characteristics, some samples of the way it operates in different systems and the link to download and install the programmes that form JClic.

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