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lists Information on the mailing list ClicForum and the bulletin ClicNews.
ClicNews files Access to all the ClicNews bulletins published up to now.
links Other sites and web pages related to the Clic project.
mailbox The most direct way to get in touch with the Clic team is by e-mail.
guest book A space where you can leave messages written with your comments and suggestions on the Clic project.
community of development Access to the pages of the project of development and translation of JClic.
Teleregions project Information on the participation of Clic in the Teleregions European project.

The Clic Zone wants to be more than a warehouse of programmes and didactic resources. The project is also a space of meeting and cooperation that brings educators from different countries, languages and cultural areas together.

In this section we have placed some communication and participation services, which we expect to increase in the future with new tool.

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