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what is it? Short guide to know what Clic 3.0 is and how it works.
characteristics Information on Clic 3.0: hardware and software requirements, configuration...
screenshots Samples of Clic 3.0 working in Windows and with the Linux emulator WINE.
downloading and installation Installation files of the programme and user manuals.
tutorial Access to the course of creation of multimedia educational activities with Clic 3.0.
FAQ The frequently asked questions on Clic 3.0

Clic 3.0 is a platform for the creation of educational activities that works in Windows environments (3.1 or higher), and is available in seven languages: Catalan, Spanish, Basque, Galician, French, English and German. JClic is a more recent version of the programme, totally compatible with the activities created with Clic 3.0.

From this section you can download the programme, needed in order to see all the Clic 3.0 activities of the clicZone in its original version.

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